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Hair Bands - Fans? No, not *those* types..

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Oh, I dunno, that was a serious entry....mullets for the win?


That was such an amazing sound when it first came out. I had a 8 speaker Blaupunkt speaker in a Pinto. Could have blew the windows out.


Serious fun!



You drove a Pinto?! Is it true that those were bombs on wheels if they got rear ended?

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I had two of them! Used to have to start one with a wrench on the battery..lol, man was I stupid!


I remember recalls on Pintos, and actually witnessed a "glass casket" exploding ..what was the name of that car...a Pacer...ya, came out around the same time as the Yugo, remember those?


Two Dudes who were insanely talented, but not noted for hair:


--man is not right, just plain not right, left handed play at the end of the video is why they even MADE the word awesome...Angus Young (bow, I saw this man perform)


Malcolm Young


I so want a pair of tube socks to do my housework in, you know?

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Nelson got drunk with my mother one night. lol - but seriously, who didn't?


Nelson has remixed with about everyone in the world..what a neat sound he made with Snoop Dogg on "Medicine" - that is such a funny song!


I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, it's like Johnny Cash.


Sacrilegious. And really against the Law on Constitution Day.

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Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine was dh's preferred wake up music to listen to as he drove us to school in his pickup truck way back in the day. With his black and silver studded boots and AC/DC concert shirt. I can't believe I dated him. He was soooo not my type.:D


It's been forever since the cassette broke. He recently found the CD and I've been jamming to it in the van almost daily much to the shock and horror of my teen sons. On the plus side, they no longer complain about my Abba or Adele or Johnny Horton CDs.

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Well...if you want to talk about breaking stereotypes...


about two years ago we had to have a guy come and fix the motor on our garage door. While he's here working, apparently him and my dh start talking. He finds out that dh is a preacher at one of the churches here in town.


Then I hear this coming from the garage:


Garage Door Repair Man: Is that Guns and Roses playing? (I'm blaring out some Paradise City while I'm cleaning the house.)


DH: Um...I think so.


Garage Door Repair Man: Wow. My pastor doesn't listen to Guns and Roses.


What can I say? I told dh I wouldn't be good preacher's wife! :D

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Ah, '80s bands. Motley Crue was at the top for me. I listened to it all, though..and went to a lot of shows. Good times.



The other people present (who work for dh) were so confused and kept asking, "is that The Ramones?" Yes! I am a homeschooling mom/military wife who loves The Ramones, okay?


I love the Ramones! I just bought myself a new Ramones t-shirt last week. Dd doesn't listen to them much these days, but here's a pic of her on her 6th birthday. :D


how about nelson?

Here's a pic of them with dd from a few months ago.



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Ooooh, I love the Hair Bands!


G 'n R






London Quireboys


Skid Row

Bon Jovi

Great White



Etc, etc. :D


I'm pretty eclectic in music tastes, though. I can belt along with a hair band song, then do the Shakira hips dance around the house, while next singing "Friends in Low Places" or , then howling along with Adele or Abba, then wail it up with some Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings, right before I crank up the Black Eyed Peas or Maroon 5, then bop along with the Golden Oldies, some Big Band or a good Polka. Anything with a good beat is great for cleaning house!! Crank it up and "scare the dust out" as my Grandpa used to say. :D


ETA: If I tried a harder I might be able to make that run-on sentence run just on a little more. Please, forgive me for slacking tonight. :lol:

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