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Clutter update and encouragement

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For people with little time in need of big encouragement:


I've been working on my decluttering project for about two months, and using my own 14 day schedule of rooms/areas for almost a month.


My house is still not glamorous (yet ;)) and if a stranger walked in, they might think it cluttered and messy from their POV.

BUT, I can tell the difference.


As the weeks go by, the rooms in my house are getting easier to take care of. I don't have to spend a half hour cleaning in order to push the vacuum around. I'm not wasting time searching for matching shoes for anyone. And I'm tripping over piles less often.

My kids aren't complaining about how they "never get to do anything but school and clean", which was, of course, always an exaggeration, but they clearly feel the difference.

And I'm waking up to a cleaner house, because a quick 5 minute clean up just before bed isn't as daunting as trying to do 30 minutes to an hour at the end of the day.


So, for anyone who keeps putting it off because they don't have a whole day or week or month to deal with all their junk... Just start small. You probably won't have a Pretty In Pink house by the end of the month :tongue_smilie:, but a teensy bit each day adds up. Er, subtracts down. YKWIM!


P.S. Today I ditched another giant stack of workbooks I finally admitted we'll never get around to using for fun or supplements. :D

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I've been inspired by all of the decluttering threads too. This weekend I had the kids pack up ALL of their toys from their rooms and take them down to the basement. (That took hours!:glare:) Then, after they went to bed, I went down and made "keep" and "toss" piles. I threw away 5 big black trash bags full of junk!:svengo: The next day, I had the kids help me go through the "keep" pile, sorting and putting things away. We now have a nice toy-storage closet off the basement, with all the toys neatly on shelves/in bins, and easy to pull out and put away.


I had the boys keep the legos in their room (so they NEVER get mixed up with the rest of the toys!!!). And I let dd keep 1 box of her most precious things up in her room.



Now...to maintain. It's easy enough for ds6 to put everything away all by himself now, so I will take no excuses.:coolgleamA:



The great fall clothing switch is on schedule for next weekend.

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