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Why I love my small town

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At almost 8:00 we decided we needed some junk, so I called our local gas/convenience store to make sure they were still open. They close at 8:00 so I hurried in.


When I got there they were shutting down the grill, but my favorite snack was in the oven cooking for me. Dixie said the kiddo that answered the phone when I called told her it was "Remudamom" (which I think is funny enough) and Dixie said "I'd better pop some crispitos in the oven, you know she loves those things!"


So they were hot and ready for me when I got there!

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Yes, I love my small town too! The things I love about it:


*Being greeted at my bank by my name because they know me.


*Being able to go to our library and use a real card catalog because that's all

they use. You still remove the card from the sleeve in the book and sign

your name! I'll never tire of that!


*The fact that every year at Christmas you can find the same old beautiful

nativity scene that's been used for decades on the courthouse lawn.


* For our one and only grocery store that still sells Rag Bologna and has

carry-outs who still carry your groceries out to your car for you.


*The air is just easier to breathe and life is just more simple.


I guess it depends on how you were raised and what each prefers. I like shopping in bigger towns and cities and will happily drive an hour to do so but when it comes down to going back home, I gladly pull into my small hometown and driveway and breathe a sigh. To me, there's just no comparison!

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I've always lived in the big city, but spent 3 years in a very small town in Norway. I enjoyed it, but I also appreciate the anonymity and wider opportunities of the larger populated areas. If you happen to stand out for whatever reason, small towns can be less fun. The public transportation was incredible there, though! Never missed not having a car ever.

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I love-love-love living in a small town because:


1) The UPS driver leaves packages at my hubby's work that needed a signature, even if they have our home address on it, because he knew we weren't home during the day.


2) Driving home and having a flat tire an hour away in the middle of nowhere, you are pretty certain to have more than one person stop who you know who will be able to help you.


3) If you need something at the hardware store and it is closing time, they'll let you in even as they have locked the doors.


4) Going to the movies sometimes feels like being in a neighbor's living room because there are so many people you know.


5) You can strike up a conversation with anyone you don't know and discover not 6 degrees of separation, but more like 2 degrees.



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I grew up in busy Toronto but married a small town boy. We've lived here 13 years and I would NEVER go back! We always bump into someone we know at the store, the cashiers are familiar, there's no traffic!!!! Only thing I miss is actually being able to buy kids clothes here, we only have Walmart and sears, so I always have to go an hour away to shop for them. We're getting a Target next year though! :D We actually know our neighbors and I am amazed at how mych people help each other out here! I put my car in a snow bank last winter, it was a freezing cold evening, dark and I had my kids with me and no cellphone- in the middle of nowher on a dirt road! Within a few minutes a lady that lived around ghe corner from us deove by and insisted on driving us home, and by morning a neighbor had pulled us out with his pickup. When we have a big snowfall my neighbor plows our driveway just as soon as he's done his. I love it here! :)

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