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I am an id*ot

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I am running a coop with a friend-we alternate teaching responsibilities and the classes run every other week, with certain exceptions. I had it in my calendar as next week. But it was today. I feel like such a dope, especially when i emphasized how people should not plan on missing more than one class. Luckily i wasnt supposed to be teaching.


Ugh. Mortified.

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Oh no! I first thought you were supposed to teach. Thank goodness it wasn't your teaching week!


All you can do is apologize to your friend, and maybe later when someone does the same thing (misses a week by accident), you'll be able to say, "Been there, done that, sister!"


But I would be mortified as well--that's my personality.

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:grouphug: Mama said there'd be days like this... :) We've all been there.




I started a field trip group and requested that participants not be late for outings scheduled at a venue. I was late to the first field trip. :thumbdown::blushing:

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We should be grateful for our mistakes. They teach us to be more forgiving towards others.:-)


Thank you. And i try to remember that to not let go of my mistakes means that i must be holding myself to a higher standard than other people, whom i WOULD forgive. And that is pride. Pride goeth before the fall....

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