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We purchased a Kindle Fire for our 10 yr old dd...

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WHOA-- this was supposed to go under that other post-- not its own thread-- remind me not to post when I have a migraine!


One of the main reasons for our purchase was so that I could have my Ipad back!:tongue_smilie:


DD loves her Kindle Fire-- but she prefers the larger size (and some apps) on the Ipad.... she has her eyes on the new Kindle Fire (large size)-- but that is NOT in her near future!


There are a LOT of things your son could do on a tablet (over just an Ipod or other music player). My dd uses her Kindle to read books, do her math fact practice, play games, watch videos (we do not have cable or satellite TV so she streams Netflix or Amazon Prime), listens to music...


My dd still has time to play outside too!

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We a Kindle Fire for my DD for her 7th bday - it was a huge hit - so much that I got one for my other DD for her 5th bday a few weeks ago! :-)


I think they are awesome for kids - and for the prices I paid (don't remember the first, but the second was just over $100 (refurbished and on an amazon daily deal - but it looks/feels/runs brand new!


DD7 asked for an ipod (for music). This is so incredibly better for her AND holds/plays all her music!


DD5 likes to play her "school games" (math facts, sight words) and Angry Birds.


The added bonus for us is since we have Amazon Prime, they can watch 100's of shows streaming.


Just today at dinner I told DH I wanted 3 of the bigger HD Kindles that come with wireless.... not for me, but one for each girl. Even the baby (20 months) would love it. Of course, I was just kidding.... (kind of!)


My girls LOOOVE their Kindles. As a point of reference.... they both have a DSi that pretty much collects dust except for the few times we are on an airplane and Santa brought a Wii that I practically have to BEG them to use once every few months... but the Kindle Fires are a HIT!

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