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Activities for preschoolers while older kids are learning Latin?

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I'm doing an Exploratory Latin Exam study group/club at my house (ELE is for 3rd-6th grade), plus a few older kids who are out of the exam range, but want someone to practice Latin with. I'm pretty confident with the elementary aged kids, and I think I can spin off the olders into a group to practice with each other and extend what they're doing (and the olders who are coming are the kind of girls who enjoy being the helpers with younger kids), but there are several parents who have signed up younger siblings as well or mentioned that they'll have younger children with them, who I don't believe will be able to do the ELE study activities in the materials I have from the ACL and that I've gotten from a Latin teacher friend who teaches middle school. I can understand, especially for the first meeting, not wanting to leave my elementary school-aged child at someone's home who I don't know well, so I'm not going to ask parents to drop and take their younger child elsewhere-but at the same time, I'm not sure what exactly these 2-5 yr olds are going to be able to do while we work on Latin.


I was thinking maybe the SSL coloring pages would be good? I don't have the SSL DVD since it came out after DD had already passed that stage, but I do have the SSL book/CD that DD did as well.

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If parents need to bring younger children, they should also bring something fairly quiet for them to do. You will be teaching the Latin class and should not have to babysit the kids who are younger at the same time. Setting some ground rules since this is in your home may be helpful as well. Maybe a simple note/call to the parents? "You are welcome to stay for the class. If you need to bring children younger than 3rd grade with you, please bring a quiet activity for them to do (insert specified place you would like them to be in your home during the class i.e. at the table, in the living room, etc.)" You may mention use of the yard if you want to allow that. Will you be providing a snack for any or all of the kids? You may want to inform everyone of the details to set the expectation up front. This is a really nice thing you are doing by hosting a class in your home. It would be a shame to have it ruined by some 2-5 year olds running wild around your home while you are trying to teach.

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