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Fun writing - Write your own ending to a book you're reading!


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This is something dd9 and I are doing right now. We are nearing the end of our read aloud Ginger Pye (love it by the way). At a good stopping point, I stopped reading, and each of us are writing our own ending to the story. We are trying to write in the way that the author wrote. I'm having so much fun with it that I had to take a break and will finish it later today. It's turning out better (and much longer) than I expected. Same with dd9. Because we were too excited to wait, we each read aloud what we had so far. Hers is really good too! And funny enough, there are similarities between both of our stories.


Anyway, I definitely plan to do this in the future. Once we have finished ours, then we will read them both aloud, and then finish reading the story itself aloud. We're even thinking about playing a trick on my husband and reading one of our versions aloud, pretending we're just reading from the book.

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It was definitely fun. We were able to *trick* my husband. He believed my writing was a continuation of the book :)


What I liked about it - no need to develop characters (already done), no need to figure out writing style (just continue with previous style). It made for just easy writing.

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