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What's Your Favorite LC/Diabetes-Friendly Snacks?

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My dear friend has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. It is hereditary, so she was expecting it. Anyway, she is having a bit of a time adjusting. She has done LC diets in the past, but "cheating" didn't have the consequences that it does with diabetes. Right now, she is having a horrible day. Her truck broke down at the bank, and she is having her period today. Her cycle is really rough on her, and she can't wait to go through menopause.


Anyway, I am looking for your favorite LC or diabetes-friendly snacks, desserts, small meals, or anything such as that. I'd love to send her an email with ideas/recipes. Thanks so much.

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This woman's recipes are amazing, particularly the Boston cream pie

http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/ (she's a diabetic woman who is a pastry chef, so very good at how to put LC ingredients together).


Banana nut muffins here are great (small amount of banana) http://healthyindulgences.net/ Her "frosty" recipe with ricotta and Hershey's special dark cocoa powder is amazing!


Some good ideas here http://mariahealth.blogspot.com/


Lots of great info at the lowcarbfriends site. I'll link you to a waffle recipe in post 11 that is really good (I don't use vital wheat gluten, so I prefer the version listed in the 11th post). http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lowcarb-recipe-help-suggestions/709265-betty-rs-famous-waffles-attn-charski.html


Lots of good recipes here, including ideas on how to make LC casseroles, etc.



Snacks: hardboiled or deviled eggs, guacamole with veggies, half an avocado with a little soy sauce in the well, cream cheese on cucumbers with smoked salmon on top, almond flour crackers, nuts, seeds (not in the form of trail mix with dried fruit, which is pretty much loaded with sugar). Full fat greek yogurt with a little stevia, cottage cheese, etc. Cheese and a little pepperoni (nitrate/nitrite free stuff if possible). Cream cheese rolled into deli meat with a sliver of pickle can be cut into sushi type shapes. Cream cheese muffins (basically mini cheesecakes) can be frozen. She should google ideas for low carb versions of a "one minute muffin" which is great to have as an option (using alternative sweeteners, almond flour or ground golden flax). Honeyville Grain makes the best almond flour IME. Coconut flour can be handy to have (different from dried coconut flakes or shreds as it is defatted, and essentially just pure fiber). I use erythritol and or sweetener for my sweeteners. Homemade frappucino with coffee and stevia-sweetened protein powder with Jay Robb is a good afternoon fix in a pinch :)


I would say it is best to back off of sweets as much as possible until they don't become such a fixation. That said, once you get to that point, having options is great and makes it easier to stay on plan. Savory snacks are great in the early weeks for breaking a sweet tooth.

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Crunchy veggies with a variety of hummas is my bad day go to now that I am diabetic. Not as satisfying as chocolate, but the crunching certainly helps with the aggression and frustration. Pair that with some good tea or coffee and time with a friend, and the day gets better.

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really good cheese


dill pickles - try the Allrecipes.com recipe for refridgerator dill pickles and cut the sugar to 1T. fabulous!

anything and everything with avocado/guacamole

homemade bleu cheese dip with celery or buffalo wings

jalapeno poppers!!! (halve, seed, fill with cream cheese, wrap in bacon, bake at 375 for abour 30 minutes)

deli meat with cheese or veggies

eggs! esp omlettes and frittatas

tomatoes broiled with cheese on top

fried green tomatoes

homemade ranch dip/dressing with veggies.


salad with meat, cheese and rich, full fat dressing



Suzanne Somers' books have some great recipes in them!

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The websites that momof3littles posted are some of the ones I regularly use.


The "Healthified" Chocolate Chip Cookies at http://mariahealth.blogspot.com/ are my absolute favorite. I use half butter/half coconut oil to make them and chop up a 90% cacao bar to use as the chips.


At work, I usually snack on a combo of macadamia nuts and pistachios. I always keep some in my purse, too, for those times when you just have to have something and there's nothing available. I also keep individual cheeses and pepperoni sticks in our office fridge.


The Healthy Instant Chocolate Cake recipe at http://www.healthyindulgences.net/ is also awesome. It makes just one or two servings at a time.


Another blog that I love is http://yourlighterside.com. She's got some great recipes.

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Wow. I'm going to have to look through some of the linked sites more thoroughly. Those recipes look good!

I really like KIND Nut Delight bars when I feel like having something like a candy bar. They would be like the cousin to the PayDay candy bars but less sugar and carbs: 7g protein, 3g fiber, and only 5g of sugar (that's a little more than one teaspoon of sugar).

They're a bit pricey in stores. The best price I've found has been about $1.40 each if you order by the box from Amazon.

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