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For those who have used Sing, Spell, Read, and Write..what next?


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My son is over half way through the second book of Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. I was just wondering for those of you who have already "been there", what curriculum did you use next? We are using Horizons for math, and it would be nice to stick with an author I know but I want to make sure that the transition from SSRW works well for him. Thanks!

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Which level? We did K/1 and at the end of it, my son was reading long chapter books on his own. He didn't need any more reading instruction. We've used Sonlight Readers since then and we did use some ETC books to review, but only because he saw them and liked them. We didn't use the spelling part of the program for long, so we moved into AAS last year. We also didn't use the writing part (either penmanship or the prompts), and for that we use HWT, WWE and WWW.

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Sorry, what we use:

All About Spelling

Handwriting Without Tears

Sonlights Readers

Writing With Ease (if I had to pick one writing program, this one)

Winning With Writing


We also do grammar:

First Language Lessons (if I had to pick one, I'd pick this)

Growing With Grammar


Oh, and ETC is Explode the Code

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I've used SSRW with both of my children, and then we started using First Language Lessons, and Writing with Ease. My dd 9, flew threw SSRW, and took to the rest easily, but my ds 8 took longer. He doesn't like to write (still doesn't). He enjoyed FLL, because we did that orally,but WWE has taken him longer to enjoy. I am just starting AAS with him this year, because I want to reinforce the rules with him, and he has been kind of a lazy reader.



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