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We have a V.Smile (TV kind and handheld) and 2 leapsters. I LOVE THEM.



Cons: The place I use to rent games from (smartyrents.com) appears to no longer be in business. :( so games are pricey to buy unless you look at the Goodwill or Once Upon A Child.

Also they suck the battries dry in no time! I have switched to rechargeables.


Pros: They are educational and interactive. They are worth the money because they seem to last. They are quite durable as far as dropping one, etc.


I know you were looking for Leappad, but i just wanted to give my 2c on what i have. :) Maybe you can find something similar to an IPad like this: http://www.leapfrog.com/en/products/leappad2.html (doesnt look like it takes a book?) OR http://www.vtechkids.com/brands/brand_view/innotab2

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There are two different leappads out there -- the old one that held books and the new one that is more like an ipod Touch in having games to download, etc.


We bought the new Leappad2 for DS's 5th birthday. http://www.leapfrog.com/en/products/leappad2.html


He got Spongebob cartridge from a relative and it has not kept his interest much. But he loves the other two games he has -- a bug picnic one we downloaded and the Mr. pencil doodlebug cartridge one. He plays on those about as long as we let him do so. He's saving up his money to get more games.

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We bought a LeapPad2 for DS's 6th birthday in August. He loves it and so does his sister. He plays it a lot. DD wants one of her own now. We bought several games and aps for it. His favorite game is Leap School Math. I love that he's learning while he's playing and he doesn't even realize it.

They also have Leapsters and he taught himself to add playing on that.

The LeapPad2 is one of the few toys that actually get a lot of use.

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We have a LeapPad and an Innotab - both were purchased last Christmas. The kids like both of them equally as well. The LeapPad has a much better design though, the Innotab has parts that have fallen off (battery cover and kick stand) but they can still use it.


If your kids still chew on things like my 4 yo, watch the stylus. I didn't know my son chewed the end of it and exposed a thick metal wire inside which then scratched the screen very badly. Had I known there was metal inside the stylus I probably would have bought a screen protector when we bought the LeapPad.


I think their favorite game on the LeapPad is Mr. Pencil.


All that said, the kids much prefer to play on our iPad and tablet :)

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I got one recently for my DS for his birthday -he loves the thing. He's so proud to have something electronic of his own finally :D


He calls it a kindle though :lol:


I haven't looked at it much but he seems to have it all worked out. Yesterday he and his siblings were making their own home movies with it and were having the best time.


The Cars game seems to be his favourite as that is the one I hear him playing all the time. Also the Pet pal one. My DD really wants one of her own now.


He plays on it for as long as I let him - I actually had to make time limits because he was playing on it too much and not wanting to do anything else.


I think they are great and very sturdy (my kids are rough).


I've always loved the leapfrog products.

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