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? About USNA's STEM camp for ms/hs students rop

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The camps are quite small and thus competitive. The applications asks for class rank, grades in various classes and test scores.


It might be worth having the older student take the PSAT. I don't know if 7th graders can take the PSAT in your area. You might look into one of the 7th grade talent search programs that use early SAT testing.

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Thank you for your quick reply. My older son is in PS, ranked 1 in his class. My younger son is homeschooled, I suppose I just put that on the application and they will understand he doesn't have a ranking?


The application has several blocks for comments. One is for an explanation of why the student wishes to attend. There is space in the other blocks to explain the lack of class rank, to give test scores or to provide other information.


But do keep in mind that there are generally only a few hundred students accepted to the camps each year. This breaks down to only a handful per grade from any given state. Not being selected for the STEM camp or for Summer Seminar does not mean a student would not be offered an appointment to USNA when they apply as a senior.

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