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If you were moving to a new country...

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where you expected to live for the majority of your kids' childhood, and your oldest was in 2nd grade...

Would you feel comfortable scrapping the social studies you had planned for the year (countries/cultures overview) and focusing ONLY on learning the language/culture of your new home for that first year?

Of course math, language arts, cursive, science, etc would all stay the same. But I'm considering abandoning our geography program except for memorizing country locations with Geography Songs, and just focusing on Thai language and culture this year. Then next year we would probably pick up with ancients, IF the kids don't end up going to the international school.


That's okay, right? Since they're just little? (7,5, and 3)

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My boys were 10, 7 and 2.5 yrs when we moved to Brazil. We stopped history that year, focused on learning about Brazil and working on learning the language (don't expect them to become fluent in your at-home studies, though, no matter how much time you devote to it). They're doing fine, even now; it didn't derail them at all.



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