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Concurrent Alg2 & Geometry -- what do I call it on a transcript?

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Dd is doing an Algebra 2 course concurrently with a Geometry course alternating lessons either daily or weekly. She will do this over two years so each year will be one credit of math. This was her choice since she loved algebra 1 last year and wanted to continue with alg 2. But she also recognized that if she devotes a whole year to geometry, there won't be much if any review of algebra 2 before she does precalc. (Her words: "It'll leak out of my head, Mom." She's right!)


But what do I call the credits? I've pondered assigning credits as follows, but it looks weak and cumbersome:

9th grade -- 0.5 credit Algebra 2 A; 0.5 credit Geometry A

10th grade -- 0.5 credit Algebra 2 B; 0.5 credit Geometry B


Any bright ideas? TIA!

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Organize the transcript by subject instead of by year.


This is an option. I see a couple of other possibilities, though.


1. Call the courses something like, "Integrated Math: Geometry and Advanced Algebra," and number them 1 and 2.


2. Just give one credit in each year, geometry and then algebra, and don't worry a lot about when she actually finished each one.


My favorite choice is the one Great White suggested, but I've heard some stories about students running into colleges that insist on a transcript by year. So, I'd be prepared for that with a back-up plan.

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I don't see a problem with what you have, except maybe to leave off the A and B. It is obvious to the reader that in 9th grade the student did half a year of Algebra and half a year of Geometry and did the same thing again the next year.


Personally, I prefer my transcripts to be as accurate as possible, with no explaining necessary, so I wouldn't put Geometry with a full-credit one year and Algebra in the other.


I think my children had a subject that they started one year and finished the next. It's not a big deal. 1/2 credits are legitimate :)

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