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I'm getting very frustrated here!

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I have to pick up my dog from the boarding facility before noon to avoid being charged for another day. My fil insists on coming with me for some reason. I told him I want to leave at 10:15 the latest, as I have never been there and if I'm not careful I may end up in an area that is infested wtih drug dealers, etc. I'm not comfortable when I'm going somewhere new so I always leave plenty of time in case I get lost. (Which I manage even with my GPS, lol!) I'm already outside of my comfort zone and now it is being pushed even further outside of it. He is still eating breakfast... I guess I have to consider this a lesson in patience.:tongue_smilie:Ok, vent over!

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Well, I came close to leaving without him, but he managed to finish before my breaking point. I got there about 10 minutes before noon, and didn't get lost, thank goodness! And now I'm happy to have my dog home. I hate having to board him!!


Glad it all worked out.

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