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Decluttered my kitchen

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I did a declutter in my kitchen today. All the crystal stemware that I bought for my hope chest used twice at 18 and never touched again went to good will today. I cleared out so much I ended up with a few empty cupboards and drawers! In my tiny house with limited storage that is a miracle. I have 3 more cupboards to sort through tomorrow and then the kitchen is done as much as it can be until the livingroom renos are done and the schoolbooks can be put properly away off the kitchen table.


So today I took 2 boxes of stemware and knives, and a green garbage bag of pots/pans and misc items and the bread box to good will. and dd chose a few select peices to put in her hope chest (my china coffee pot with matching creamer and sugar bowl, the wine glasses from my wedding day etc). I can't belive how much is gone.


I have also decided that now that I am no longer babysitting, and dd turns 5 the day after tomorrow I am going to bump her up to the regular dishes, and get rid of my plastic "kids dishes". That will empty a whole cupboard as well. No more plastic bowls and plates and I will save just a couple plastic cups, the rest can go away too.


So liberating to have so much space all of a sudden. I won't be doing much more decluttering in the house until the livingroom is done, other than the basement.


I do however need to get the garage done before I worry about the basement.

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