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Mod Podge?

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I've never used mod podge before. Can I use it to protect a globe I painted? I very carefully covered a globe in Montessori continent colours and I'm afraid of the paint chipping off with use. If not mod podge, then what? I already own the mod podge so if I can use it then I won't have to buy anything else. :)

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Ooooo...how crafty do you want to be? Because you could use the ModPodge to build up mountains and stuff, so your children could feel them, you know, and then spary it with a spray-on polyurethane.


No, no, no, no! I am not that crafty! :tongue_smilie:


I would probably spray it with an acrylic sealer from the craft store. I haven't had the best luck with mod podge - everything I used it to cover bubbled up and looked awful. Plus, a spray sealer would dry faster.


If this bubbled up I would cry! All that time wasted. Thanks for the advice.

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You can use Modge Podge for that. It isn't waterproof, tho, so, if you want that, you might ask at a craft store for a different kind of sealant.

Bet your globe is pretty! :001_smile:


What about the mod podge for outdoor use? I thought I saw this at the art store.


Yeah, here it is


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