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You would be setting the system back to the way it looked at a previous point in time. If the problem with the wireless is something with the settings, then doing a restore would put the settings back to the way they were back then when the wireless worked.


Just a note - never try a system restore to fix wireless without checking these two things first: 1) check that the little switch that turns OFF the wireless is turned all the way on. If it isn't the little switch, 2) try rebooting the computer. Often if changes have been made, a nice reboot will get things sorted out.

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Do you have McAfee installed?


I ask because I went through an issue a couple of weeks ago where my laptop would not connect to my wireless network, yet all of our other devices would connect just fine. The trouble shooter kept telling me it was a problem with my internet service and to call the service provider (Time Warner Cable). TWC told me to try a system restore.


I spent hours on hold and talking through the problem with TWC, then the manufacturer of my laptop that TWC referred me to, only to find out it was some type of glitch that had happened because of my McAffee. I went to the McAffee website and followed their instructions and it was fixed.


That may not be your issue, but since it was reminiscent of my problem, I thought I would throw it out there.


Oh, and if your settings were changed or there was some type of malware that is blocking your connection, then system restore may be able to fix it because you are "going back" to a previous configuration.

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I don't have McAfee, but thanks for the thought.


Gateway has tried restore on other occasions and it didn't help so I'm hesitant. The wireless is on, it will come on once in a while but not long enough to connect. The system emitted a series of beeps a few days ago, but Gateway says it doesn't have anything to do with it. We have always had some problems with the wireless connection on this computer but it's never been isolated, Gateway swears it's fine but it's the only device in the house with this problem. It sounds like I have to bite the bullet and do a system restore. :glare:

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