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STEM student, need chemistry recommendations

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We are using and loving Apologia Chem for my NON-STEM student. There is no way I will use it for my STEM student. The truth is it covers very little more than what we had in 1 semester of Chem in 8th grade ICP. It does do a great job of explaining the material and helping him very fully understand it. You could do Apologia Chem and Advanced Chem in 1 year and make it enough for a STEM major.


I think DIVE uses both books.

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We are planning to embark on apologia chemistry with another family. Will this be adequate for preparing a STEM student for college? Suggestions? Would adding the DIVE cd be helpful?



I have 3 STEM students, 2 seniors and a junior, who used Apologia Chemistry. They're all doing great and feel Apologia prepared them well. Only one of them used the advanced course (not in the same year as the regular course.) We did not use the DIVE cd. If you do decide to do both the regular and advanced course in the same year, you should know that Algebra 2 is a prerequisite for the advanced course.

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