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I think DD7 has pinkeye :-(

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We used contact solution with the disinfectant and saline all in one as an eye wash. It was gentle and prevented bacteria from getting out of hand. I probably wrestled them down 3-4 times a day and it worked in about 3 days. One of them took 5, but I wasn't worried as the eye looked better and better each day.


This is what we used because my daughter wears contacts and had it on hand: http://www.amazon.com/Biotrue-Multi-purpose-Solution-20-Ounce/dp/B003H03SDQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347847553&sr=8-1&keywords=biotrue

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My oldest just had it a couple days before her massive birthday party. I'm all out of breastmilk too, which works incredibly well btw! I high-tailed it over to Whole Foods and got her a bottle of Eyebright (herb in pill form) and Similasan kids irritated eye relief ( eye drops). I broke up the pill as my kiddo can't swallow them yet and mixed it with distilled water and squirted some with a dropper in her eyes. I also put one drop of the Similisan in each eye. I did it for the whole day, a few times and they cleared right up. Her eyes were in pretty bad shape too. They were very red, swollen, and nasty yellow goop was oozing out or gluing her little eyes together overnight. We had just been to the doctor for a raging ear infection and I didn't want to load up on even more meds. :tongue_smilie:



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Pink eye can turn quickly into Iritis if not treated properly(ask me how I know, and it is VERY painful)


You can now buy OTC medication to treat pink eye, but it is expensive(about $28.00). If you have prescription co-pays(like $10.00) get a script since it is cheaper.


Disinfect everything and make sure she washes her hands. Use a damp warm cloth over her eye.


You can lose your vision if it turns to Iritis and not treated right away.


:grouphug: as I know how it feels. But please do not take this lightly.

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When my boys had pinkeye the doc told me if only one eye is infected it's most likely viral. But if both eyes are infected it's most likely bacterial and should be checked out to see if antibiotics are needed.


Thanks, that's what I'm thinking. I realized late last night that she's been fighting a yucky throat and nose for a week or so now. I was thinking it was allergies, but she said she didn't feel any better when she took allergy meds, so a virus does make sense.


She's looking and feeling quite a bit better today--no yuck, only a little liquidy discharge. I'm going to try something one of you mentioned here for a day or so, and if she doesn't continue to improve, we'll go right to the doctor.


Thanks everyone!

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