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Check books and planners... join in!

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I am at the end of a check book register... I am thinking of not ordering another box of checks and banking on-line. Should I get checks to keep in a drawer as a back up? And, as far as keeping track of money, instead of keeping a register, if I keep track of my balance on-line (I already do this, but then write it down in my checkbook to keep with me), would I just check each day on-line? Where would I write my balance down? If I use a daily planner, would it work to jot down my bank balance in it?


Are you banking online?

Do you pay bills online?

Do you keep checks?


What do you use for planners? Do you keep it with you as you are out and about?



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I do keep a checkbook. But I don't use it for too many things anymore. I have the "carbon" type checks so I have a record.


I do all of the banking and bill paying online. All of our utilities are on the credit card (except the ones that will only direct debit from the bank account--so they come out of the bank automatically). Everything is automatic.


The only things I have to deal with are:

1) logging on and paying the credit cards that pay all the other bills (so I have to log on and transfer funds from the bank account to the credit accounts monthly).

2) remembering to do #1 on time (best if I do it the day I get the statement)

3) downloading all the financial information into our computerized money program

4) filing all the papers associated with the above



As for school planners...I bought one last year and never got my act together enough to use it.


That is my life--I never get my act together! The major, important things (doctor's appointments, laundry, dishes, lessons, activities) get done in a reasonable manner but my planning for school is much too loose for my taste. I just truly never get time to do the things I want to do (seems I only have time to do the things I absolutely must do).


I'd like to say I'll be using a school/lesson planner this year but I know I won't get around to it before school is supposed to start here. **sigh**


I need a week (or two) of no husband, kids, or pets and time just for me to do what I feel NEEDS to be done around here. :ack2: Even not getting on the boards for 6-9 months hasn't helped...

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I do bank/pay bills online for the most part but there are things I need a check for so that there is a record, not just a receipt. I also don't like mailing checks so if I need to pay it that way, I drive to the office and pay it directly.

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I have been banking on-line for years and the past year or so have started using the banks Bill Pay to pay bills. I still have checks though. I don't write that many, but I do occasionally need to pay someone for things like co-op fees, co-op registration, a monthly food co-op that I'm in. I don't write out any checks for bills though. I hardly ever have cash, so for me, checks are just easier. I hardly ever keep the check register in the checkbook up to date. I do write out the check that I've written and the amount, but I put it in Quicken right away and always check Quicken with my banks online account. I always know what has cleared and what our balance is.


Anyway, not sure if that helps. When we switched bank, we chose a bank with free checking because the other bank that we would have liked, you had to meet one of three things to have the fee waived. Electronic deposit (dh is self employed, so this is not an option. Balance of at least $2500 or not using checks. I knew I couldn't do the last two either, so we went with another bank.


Good luck.


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I pay most things online now but occasionally run into a situation where I need a check. I don't use the check registers anymore because they were getting filled up too quickly with ATM withdrawals. I switched 12 years ago to putting my check register on an Excel spreadsheet and update that frequently. It is far easier than remembering to balance a paper register for me.

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