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I'm officially a mac addict

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After buying my kids an awesome 27" imac in April, I finally was able to get myself a mac. Dh bought me a 13" macbook pro (I thought I'd want the 15, but I fell in love with the 13) and I LOVE IT!!


I do have to get used to using homeschool tracker online (I tried Olly, but it's just not jiving with me) I loved my HST+ and wish online was more like it, but I'll eventually figure it out.


DH still isn't ready to jump over to the dark side, but was fine with me hopping the fence.

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We have one PC now and the rest are Macs! I have a 15" Macbook Pro and the family has an iMac.


I also have an iphone, an ipod touch, and an ipad.


Welcome to the dark side!


I guess this was my final "step" over to the dark side, as I have had an ipad2 for 2 years and was finally able to upgrade to an iphone this past June.

I had an ipod touch but gave it to my oldest when I got the iphone. My dd and yongest also each have their own ipad 1s as well as ipods. My oldest loves his ipod touch, so much he said he doesn't want an ipad just now. My dh is the only hold out LOL. He has dreams of turning my old dell into and Ubuntu machine, I don't even know what that is, I think it's some other operating system.


Oh and for those wondering, after playing around for about an hour, I think I'm getting the hang of HST online, I guess if after a month I really don't like it I can fork over the bucks for VMFusion or Parallels and a copy of windows (we don't have one since the dells came with it preinstalled and with no discs) and use it that way although I really want to cut the PC cord. I was also worried about Quicken, but so far Quicken essentials has all the parts of quicken I actually like and use, I guess the true test of that one will be when I have to download transactions from my bank.

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Mac only family here! Enjoy!


Same here! I have an iMac, Macbook Pro, and my three girls all have macbooks too.


My DH is the only one not using a mac. He has a Toshiba laptop. My girls put an apple sticker over the Toshiba logo. DH calls it his Macshiba. :D

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