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What are your thoughts on this? I got four manuals for free a few years ago. I think they must be an older version, because the ones that I have look different from what they sell now...mine are four manuals that go from 1-6(?) grade, not one per year. If I decided to use these, would I need anything else? It seems that the curriculum they sell now comes with more stuff? :confused:

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Ok, what I have is four books-


Red-says 2nd grade skills on the back

Tan-says 4-6 grade

Purple-5&6 grade

Gray-7-9 grade



On the inside cover is says the series is-

Red-2 grade

Yellow-3 grade

Tan-4-6 grade

Gray-7-9 grade


And future publications will be-

1st grade

4-5 grade

5-7 grade

9-12 grade


This is copyright 1991


So I guess I'm wondering what I'd need to buy to make this complete?! I'm thinking a third grade one...but all the other grades are covered in mine, or am I missing something by not having the specific grade books each year?? I'm confused. :tongue_smilie: Was this the full curriculum set before they started making books for each year? Does 4-6 mean it can be used for ONE of those grades, or that the book should last me through ALL of those grades? Help!!:confused:

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Looks like you will need a 3rd grade book for sure. As for the other books, if you do one a year you will need to add in more. Have you looked at the samples online? Compare them with what you have? I would call them and ask, tell them what you have and see what they say.


Before you buy anything else I would use one first and see if you like it (the 2nd grade will need readers from LLATL). Sometimes having a set of curricula you got cheap and at first looks like a "WOW I am covered" turns out to be a "ugh! No Way am I using these" type of thing.

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