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Can you have the equivalent of plantar fasciitis in your knee?

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I have a pain in the knee. :) Is seems around the area of the lateral collateral ligament. It can hurt sometimes just walking but most of the time it hurts when I make a right hand turn when walking (unless I am walking slow) or when I try to sit cross legged.


It started a few weeks ago, went away, and is now back and hasn't gone away again. Well unless I have a day off from work. I suspect being on my feet all day hasn't helped.


I haven't been to the doctor. No insurance and won't spend the money for it on something like this.


Any ideas?

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I have arthritis in both knees, right being worse. I get more pain in certain spots, like those you mention, especially when I cross my legs. Medical treatment helps me significantly, primarily via a set of 4 Orthovist shots every 8-9 months. I know you said you can't get medical treatment, for which I'm sorry to hear, that was the only thing that helped me.

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