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Alternate Work for a (Current) Non-Reader


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DS6 is not reading yet, and we've been asked by his OT and VT to not do any phonics/reading work this year.


But, big sister is doing a full load of school, and he wants to, as well, so I'm trying to figure out exactly what I could/should do with him that doesn't require/teach reading.


Currently, we're using:


* both Singapore and MUS (long story, but for us they work very well together, and we're mathy people who don't mind spending a lot of time on math daily.)

* FLL1 -- Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am that this is primarily oral? (I started using it with DD for that reason -- even though she could read, her writing was way, waaaay behind and we needed LA that didn't require writing.)

* HWT -- strangely, doing handwriting doesn't trigger the meltdowns, so we do it.

* Kumon mazes

* Home Art Studio

* weekly Karate, gymnastics, swimming and art classes

* SOTW 1

* R.E.A.L. Earth/Space


The heavy emphasis on art and balance/coordination/etc PE is on the recommendation of the OT.


So, I'm trying to get the gross and motor skills, reading as much aloud to him as I can. I'm also having him memorize quite a bit of poetry because I'd like to be able to fill his head with well-structured (so written, not spoken) language since he's not getting any from reading (save for what I read aloud to him, and eventually my voice does give out. Heh.). It's almost shocking to me how easily he does it. On the other hand, I suppose it makes sense -- he can't "offload" anything out of his memory onto paper.



Now that I write it out, it sure looks like a lot (though art, science and history are not every day), and maybe I don't need anything more. I guess I'm curious if anyone else has had good experiences with primarily oral (but not video) resources to recommend.

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When dd started VT and we were told to back off on reading instruction, we did a LOT of audio books. At home, in the car, alllllll the time. She has actually listened to WAY more literature that way than she would have if she had been reading. Plus it was at a much higher level than what she was capable of reading, so she got some lessons in quality grammar and writing lol.

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