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Ds has earned himself a new name

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Ds has 2 friends, F and A. F is autistic, limited language, loves to play with ds and adores dd. F drives his father completely batty by saying "but x does it" every single time he's corrected (ex. He hits me, his father says not to hit, F says "but steve does it" {steve is a physical therapist that has never worked with F but F likes him}). X does it is F's favorite thing to say, apparently, and he says it all day long, even for good things.


A is a typical little girl who thinks nothing is fair, ever. Ds and I went to her house yesterday and ds had an apple. A wanted one but they didn't have any. Not even a second later "but it's not gonna be fair, i want one." Dd was riding her bike one day, A can't ride a two-wheeler, and not a second after dd touched her bike ... "but it's not gonna be fair!" There are a ton more, but you get the idea.


At the store tonight, in under 5 minutes, ds said both "but dd does it" (looking at toys alone) and "it's not gonna be fair" (to dd buying candy with her own money and me buying both kids a pretzel for behaving).


Ds's new name is FA. He has smirked every time I've said it, and thankfully it actually stopped a fit because he was too busy laughing when he realized what he'd said.

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