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If your child attends a school that does placement testing, how much information do

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they share with parents?


The reason is that the school that would be my first choice for DD to attend were she to go back to school (but is way out of our price range) does pretty extensive IQ/achievement testing, and the application/testing fee is less than any of the costs I've been quoted for testing. If they give parents the score reports (even with no interpretation), it's really tempting to go ahead and apply for admission for next year and go through the testing so I can get some updated results (she was tested at newly 4 to enter K early, and that was the last testing she's had except for yearly standardized grade level tests)-but not even seriously consider it unless she gets a financial aid/scholarship offer, because we can't afford it as things currently stand.


Stupid idea? Good idea?

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my kids had to pass an IQ/achievement test for one preschool-K they attended.


The scores had not been that detailed...just pretty basic.


I found some local school psychologists here that do testing on their own on the side for a very reduced price. Is that all you are looking for? Sometimes you can find them to work with you outside of the schools. Are you doing it to enter that school or just get a detailed report?


I had a difficult time in the school my kids attended with a scholarship. It was hard to fit in with everyone that could spend money freely.

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