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Anyone else excited about Call the Midwife?

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I just read something about it today -- it sounded familiar. Was it based on a book? Because I think I read the book.


ETA: It was based on a book! By Jennifer Worth. I remember the lady complaining about the smells of the women's private parts being really funky! And one of the stories made me cry, the one called something like "No Fool Like an Old Fool." I don't want to spoil it, but I bawled reading it.

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It is a really good series, so well done. It was on the BBC here a while ago. Maybe last winter-not sure. I read the book to and they have stayed so true to the book, I think that is why it works. I love that it has Miranda Hart in it too, she is on of my favourite comedy actresses and it was nice to see her in different sort of role.

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