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Nothing is 100% - but- moving~and essential books..

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I'd take it as a perfect time to do a unit study! Find a nice 8 week self-contained study, collect all the necessary items and put them in a separate box. Then you don't have to worry about all the different subjects, keeping up and timetables. The only thing is you may need to prepare some math worksheets, but even then, you might be able to take a break from normal math for something else, like a block of LOF. By the time the unit study is complete, hopefully you'll be ready to get back to a proper routine.

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I've moved 4 times in the last 2 yrs (with a 5th move planned in the spring). What I found most helpful after our 2nd move in regards to school work was to have the next 3 months of works with corrisponding supports immediately available. That meant that I had each child with a rubbermaid tote for their immediate (3mos) worth of work. Read alouds I planned to read, art supplies, any Sci. kit we would be working on etc. The rest I packed up and labeled REALLY well. By doing the next 3mos worth it gave me a bit of a coushion if we/I got behind in unpacking.

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