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A newbie question!

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How do you keep track of your progress?


Right now, to begin, I am using many free online sources that do not contain unlimited material. I think I will need to keep a log of what resources we've used so when the time comes I can find or buy another source.


So how do you log progress??

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Great question. We are moving toward a system of keeping a spiral bound notebook for each kid, keeping notes on progress, areas to work on, etc. more techy oriented may want to create a "note" on their phone/tablet. Good luck!

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I signed up at homeschoolsked.com & it really is awesome. I have found however, that I really don't need anything that in-depth. I printed out some worksheets & just move completed ones to the back of the folder. Online work I just have bookmarked the sites we use & put the shortcuts in a folder on the desktop of our laptop.

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