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I LOVE the hive!!!!

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You guys have never failed me when I ask a question and right now I am so thrilled to have all of you to bounce ideas off of.


After reading several threads (some I started, some I didn't) I have figured out the best way to get my kids to do chores, still get spending money and not have to deal with "it's not my zone this week" or " that's not my job today" or whatever excuse they might have to not do what needs to be done.


We are doing allowance...and becasue they all live here they all are responsible for any job, any time, any where they are asked to do the job. If they crab...all I have to say is 'allowance?" and they are on it. So far with no complaints. I doubt this will be this easy always...but if I need to I will start saying "thanks for the .25 or .50" and I will do the job. They know what that means and they won't want to give up their money....but if the time comes that giving up .25 or .50 is not a big deal, then I will up the amount and they will still have to do the job.


I just like not having to figure out who was to supposed to do what job what day...and I have set up exact cleaning lists for their rooms...hoping for the best there too.


THANK you have for all of your great thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

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I'm glad you have found what works for you. I'm currently getting ideas from this book.


One of the things that she learned is that her kids are more affected by money being taken away than by the potential to earn money. So, at the beginning of each month, she puts 30/31 dollars in a glass jar in their rooms. If they don't do their assigned jobs for the day, a dollar is taken out that night. Apparently, that is better motivation. I think something like that might work better for my kids, too.

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