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DS's Eagle project began yesterday

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DS chose to do a project that would double for the hornaday award.

His project is removing an invasive species from a local nature center.


After months of research and prep the work began yesterday.

He and his group of workers completed Stage one - identifying and tagging the trees for removal. They identified and tagged over 200 trees.


There was enough time left over in the day to begin Stage two - removal. They cut down six of the larger trees.


The workers were glad they began yesterday because it gave them a better idea of what to expect. DS has some restructuring to do for the project and will need to speak with the Beneficiary before he does much more work.


All in all DS thought it was a good day and is excited about moving forward and completing the project.



I missed almost all of it. DD had two tennis matches about 30 miles away and I was with her. The only part of DS's project I was able to help with was bringing the lunch he had requested for the workers and then cleaning up the lunch area before heading back over to the tennis courts.


He has three more scheduled work days and it appears as if he will need every minute and then some.


This is so exciting. Lovin' watching him grow and make progress toward his goals.

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That's neat! I'm curious -- what species (invasive)?


The Black Thorn locust tree. It is an invasive in our region.


I had never paid attention to the BTL until DS decided on his project. The thorns on the BTL are awful. They are hard, nonpliable and sharp; some are over 6 inches long.


The thorns are causing the problems for DS. They cannot be put through a woodchipper; the bits and pieces are dangerous. DS has to decide on a different method for disposal.


He also found a secondary invasive (the Tree of Heaven) in the same area and now has to decide if it should come out or be left until later. There isn't a lot of it but he doesn't know what to do with it.


I think it is going to be a lot of work but I think it will get done. Just this afternoon DS had a couple of adults call and volunteer their time on days other than scheduled work days. One farmer has asked for the trees to be cut into specific lengths so he can use them as fence posts. Evidently BTL make great fences. :confused:


DS has a lot of researching and contacting to do this week to get his questions answered so he can proceed.

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It is a lot of work and the process of getting the paperwork approved seemed to take the longest for us. I get a kick out of my little DS and his soccer team who proudly sit on the benches his older brother provided to the soccer field...all 18 of them out of beautiful composite materials! Way to go!

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