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Latin in the UK

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My daughter is just embarking on the lively book of Latin. I have tried to find out which style of pronunciation is used in the UK, should she take her studies to a higher level, but have so far drawn a blank.

Is this because Latin is all written in our exam system? Or am I just not researching well enough?

What pronunciation do you use? I had planned ecclesiastic as it seems 'prettier' ;)

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I believe the exam system uses classical-- hopefully someone else will confirm this. We are not planning to take the exams but a friend teaches in a private school here and uses Cambridge. Cambridge Latin has a great free web site if you are in the UK. A large portion of the books are there for free if you want to use it as a supplement.

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that makes sense, thank you Laura.

From my (non existent) knowledge I was under the impression that the more well known Latin phrases were pronounced as ecclesiastic phrases.


When Latin is used interspersed in English speech, it's often with Ecclesiastical pronunciation. When Latin is sung, it's also Ecclesiastical. But when Latin is studied, it's with Classical.



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