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Spent the day in the hospital


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It's been a crazy couple of days. I was having some mild contractions Thursday night that went away when I drank some water (I'm 28 wks). We went to the hospital Friday morning for a tour of L&D, and while we were on the tour, I slipped on a wet floor and fell on my knee. They were pretty insistent on checking me out, and since I had been feeling some more contractions, I was fine with that. They gave me a shot to get the contractions to stop, checked for dilation, and ran a test to see if I was trying to go into labor. The test was negative & I wasn't dilating, so when the meds seemed to be working, I went home.


I had more contractions through the day, and they got bad enough later last night that I finally called my doctor, who told me to go back in to the hospital. So I spent the rest of the night and morning there working on getting things under control. An ultrasound did show that while I'm not dilating, my cervix is a bit short for 28 weeks, which bumped me just over the line for being at risk for pre-term labor. So I got the first of two steroid shots to speed lung development, I'm on meds to keep the contractions at bay, and I'm on bed rest at the moment, which will hopefully be modified to light bed rest if the contractions stay under control.


So it's been a day! I'm exhausted, but feeling much better. I would definitely appreciate prayers--this little one needs to stay put for several more weeks at least! On the positive

side, they did another ultrasound to make sure nothing happened when I fell, and the doctor confirmed that we are having a little girl.:001_smile:

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Only you can take care of your little girl now. Let someone else help with the others and the house and whatever. Stay on bedrest and drink plenty of water. It's not fun but it's not forever, you can do it. Prayers and hugs.

:iagree:No matter how hard bedrest is, it is way easier than having a baby in the NICU. Follow drs. orders! I hope you have good support to help you.

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