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Help Dr. Hive...what should I do?

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My 8 year old is on Zertec and Nasonex for allergies. The doctor told me to give him the Zertec in the morning and use the Nasonex at night. But I forgot the Zertec this morning. Can I still give it to him tonight and just not give it to him in the morning...or will it react funny to the Nasonex? What would you do? I can tell he is having allergy problems this evening...he is coughing like he has phlem in his throat. Please tell me what to do.

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I would go with Benadryl for tonight. It will also help him to sleep and is one of the absolute best antihistamines around. Start with the Zyrtec again in the morning (it tends to keep me from sleeping but can have the opposite for others). Also, there shouldn't be any problem with using the Nasonex at the same time with either. Another reason I would use Benadryl instead tonight is because it is a shorter acting medication. I believe the Zyrtec is 24 hour? That way you can get him back to his regular schedule of dosing quickly and easily.

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Why the Zyrtec in the AM? Zyrtec tends to be a bit sedating (for some...) so we always give it with dinner so as not to fog the kids up.


My 130 lb dd often takes TWO Zyrtec a day when things are bad. Her allergist has said she can even have three if she's miserable -- no harm done, but we've never done that.


That said... I'd skip the PM dose while switching to AM unless you think he'd be miserable. Otherwise, give a half-dose before bed and then a full dose at breakfast. You can either split a pill or give a half dose of the liquid.


Oh, and you do know that Zyrtec is much cheaper at Sam's and Costco, right? Same stuff, tiny price...

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