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Reading Detective RX - Reviews please

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Using it for DS12. He has always read a lot, a variety of genre although more fantasy than anything. It was only recently that I discovered he reads with "selective attention." A book he loves (e.g., Ranger's Apprentice), he can tell you the color of the boots they wore on day 2 of the journey. Assigned history reading of the same reading level? "Really? So that whole book was set in Roman Britain?" :glare: So I knew reading ability was not the issue so much as paying attention to what he read.


I got him Reading Detective A1. It is just short (1 page) snippets from classic lit with comprehension questions. A feature I like is that for each question, you not only need to answer correctly but identify the specific sentence or paragraph containing the info. He bombed both pretests (much to his surprise) but is improving through the book, and I have noticed greater attention to his history reading as well.



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I have used this very successfully with my twin boys who were not good at all at reading comprehension. It has done wonders for them, and I highly recommend the it. However, I was not nearly as happy with the math and science versions on this series. While a very good approach, I felt that I neede to have the kiddos work on just regular ole comprehension before I had the do comprehension AND think about math or science.

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We tried the A1 level a few years ago. Ds hated it and didn't seem to get much out of it. Instead, we use Wordly Wise for vocabulary. Each lesson contains a reading passage with questions. The first year, he missed more than he got right, but gradually did improve. Now he is doing WW a year ahead and rarely misses even questions that require attention to nuance or analysis.

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