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Dr. Hive - really tense jaw

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For about 4 weeks now, I've had a really tight jaw (we're going on 4 weeks with school, but I'm not stressed about that). I'm constantly trying to relax my clenched jaw. I don't think it's so much at night, but it's getting to the point that it becomes hard to talk because my jaw is so tight. I don't feel anxious or worried or even that stressed, but I have been know to repress feelings. There have been some pretty difficult situations that have come up in the past two weeks but all of this started before all this. It's really getting annoying and it feels like I have a thigh muscle lodged in my face. I exercise regularly and eat a fairly healthy diet. I'm 42 if that helps. I'm not even sure where to go for help with this? Chiropractor? Dentist?



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I would look for a Rocabado trained physical therapist. You can have spasms in the muscles of your TMJ, for example (not saying that's what you have, but it is possible) that can lead to what you are describing. You may or may not need a splint, and a PT can do some manual work on those muscles and also teach you some exercises and so forth for your TMJ. TMJ issues (if that's what you are dealing with, obviously you need a proper diagnosis) can also stem from postural issues, for example. Sometimes there is swelling in there, sometimes there is a slipped disc in that joint, sometimes there is a muscle imbalance, sometimes it is tied into posture.

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Try a nightguard. First try it while sleeping. If that doesn't help, wear it in the day too. If it still bothers you after a week of wearing it day and night, I would consult a dentist. He will probably make you one to wear that is more specific to your mouth than an over the counter can be.

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