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Switching from AAS to WRTR/spinoffs


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My oldest does well with AAS. She is a quick learner and picks things up well. She's just past the section in AAS 2 that discusses VCE words and works with the dictated sentences fine. She reads well, so if we moved to WRTR or SWR, it would mostly be spelling we'd be using it for. I like the idea of spending one drop and having all of the letters. I also love that it can be used for future kids.


I'm looking at SWR mostly because I'm concerned about it being open-and-go. I need something to tell me what to do when. In that regards, AAS is nice. I have even looked at the Riggs Institute. Thoughts on that regard?


My only concern with Abby is that it seems that she learns things and can apply them right away. She can spit back nearly anything. Sometimes she does make dumb mistakes, but mostly she remembers the rules of AAS. I like the constant review built into AAS because I want to make sure she's really learning things, rather than just memorizing.

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I had the same issue with AAS and my oldest. He could pick up things quickly and didn't need all of the extras. When I first started homeschool I looked at WRTR and it looked like a foreign language to me! But, since we have been through some levels of AAS, WRTR makes so much more sense now! Really, AAS is just a simplified version of WRTR that is open and go and has a lot of practice. Can you borrow WRTR from your library? I think the 4th edition is the easiest to understand and most libraries seem to have that edition. You might surprise yourself with how open and go WRTR can be once you understand the method. Here is an outline to walk you through WRTR (the 4th edition).


When we moved to WRTR I spend about a week reviewing the phonograms (since there were some we hadn't learned yet with AAS). Then we have moved into the spelling notebook pages. Once we finish those we will move into the actual spelling words. I also bought some of those filing tabs to mark the important pages in the book. It really doesn't take me any prep time at all.

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