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Best books for whole foods, balanced diet?

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I'm looking for books - instructional, cookbooks, etc. - that focus on a whole foods, balanced approach that includes grains, veggies, beans, meat/fish, minimal dairy, good fats, etc. I've read books ranging the spectrum from primal/paleo all the way to full-on vegan, and am looking for something in between. Maybe Mediterranean is what I am looking for?



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I'd love to know of a a good title as well, so I don't know if I'll be much help to you or not. I have used several books, mostly from the library, about diabetic cooking/eating. Some of the books use alternative sweeteners and such, but many focus more on balanced lifestyle. At the moment, I'm following an 1800 cal ada exchange diet that requires a balance of carbs, protein, veggies, fat, fruit, milk. I'm using:http://www.amazon.com/Exchange-Lists-Meal-Planning-Ada/dp/088091310X and http://www.amazon.com/Official-Pocket-Guide-Diabetic-Exchanges/dp/1580404456 to plan my meals.

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This is a whole food cookbook with a seasonal approach for frugal living.

I recently bought it and have used it with success over the past few months.


Another cookbook for semi-whole food (uses some canned soups, which could easily be made from scratch) is the More-With-Less Cookbook.


Both have recipes from around the world, often contributed by Mennonite and/or Brethren missionaries, so I like the international flavors throughout.


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