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Motivational well being: Loving this site

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Discovered Motivational well being on facebook. Been perusing through and so many of the sayings and pictures are leaping out at me. Particularly this one. "You can never make the same mistake twice. Because the 2nd time you make it, it's not a mistake, it's a choice.


My mother's favorite saying is we all have choices.


So choosing not to be mad over husband leaving all his dirty dishes in the sink from his midnight snack. Worked of my mad, turned it into a life lesson for me son about courtesy, and will not ream my husband a new one just because I'm still mad about something else totally unrelated to his actions.


Another motivational saying found and posted on my page:


"Today will never come again,

Be a blessing,

Be a friend,

Encourage someone

Take time to care

Let your words heal and not wound."



Think I'll take up meditation and yoga again.

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