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Reviews for Noeo Science!


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I used NOEO for my kids for chem last year, and we had an absolute blast (levels 1 and 2, for boys ages 7/8 and 10/11).


About 1/4 or fewer of the experiments were in the Young Scientist Club kits, and they worked pretty well. The bulk of the experiments were in the recommended books, and they generally worked extremely well, and only involved very basic, easy to get items-- baking soda, vinegar, paper cups, soda, that kind of thing. You can see ahead of time what you will need for any given week and plan ahead; the schedule is very organized and well-laid out.


I love the flexibility in the notebooking sheets-- you can write, draw, write and draw, copy definitions, or any combination of the above, and for labs, there are lab sheets for writing or drawing as well. You can mix & match as you wish. (and yes, some days I did let them just read and not fill out sheets).


I did augment the program a little bit, but you can do just fine without feeling that you must do that. I added in the $20 Science WIz kits-- several experiments per kit, and very well put together, with very clear instructions (Chem, Chem+, DNA) and a few extra books, and another chemistry set, just because we are major science geeks. But like I said, it doesn't actually need the supplementation.


We do also love the Happy Scientist website-- $20 for an annual subscription is well worth the price of admission. Or if you have an ipod or ipad, $6/month gets you full access to the entire library of BrainPop videos, which are pretty entertaining for the kids (and have post-video quizzes). The Happy Scientist has a couple of great unit studies on Rocks and Minerals that we had a ball with, as well as a great unit study on thinking like a scientist.


I don't have experience with the Bio or Physics units, but I can definitely vouch for chem levels 1 & 2. As a former bench scientist who essentially did biochemistry for a living (as a research assistant doing human genetics, tissue culture, and other cool stuff) I was pleased with it.


You can see photos of the kids working on some of the experiments by poking around in my blog.

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