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Experiences with Essentials in Writing

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Can you tell me how the audio sounds for the 9th grade. We're using 3rd, 5th, and 6th. I like the worksheets, although I've found a few mistakes. However, the audio could be much better.




Yes, this is something that bugs me too. I have also noticed the mistakes in the workbook. Also, the wording is not always the kind of speech I want modeled for my kids in a grammar and writing course (using "got" instead of "have" for instance). In the grammar portion, I occasionally pulled out another resource for the exercises. (I have a couple used Harcourt textbooks hanging around.).


My dc had no trouble hearing or understanding him. I don't have any other grades to compare to. I did notice that the intro music is a lot louder than the lectures.


It's very jarring. It's my hope that he will re-release these someday with improved sound and maybe offer them at a discount to previous purchasers (for the same grade level of course).


My 8 year old and twelve year old are using this and they are both in the second half of the program (grades 3 and 6 respectively).


I will continue using the program (mostly for the writing) and will probably buy most of the grade levels because it is concise, breaks assignments down into doable increments and teaches age appropriately. But the sound... When something is dvd based and you are selling it, beg borrow or steal decent recording equipment please!


ETA: They are absolutely worth the $40 I paid for them though. I am glad this exists as we never did get off the ground with IEW. This is something that can be implemented right now without any learning curve for mom.

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