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My mom spoke with dad's cardiologist today.

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Dad's ARDS (acute respitory distress syndrome) got worse today.


The cardiologist estimates dad has a 5% chance of recovering.


Mom is 'giving dad the weekend'. Apparently that means she isn't ready/willing to go to hospice care over the weekend. She and I spoke about setting up a meeting on Monday or Tuesday for that.


She signed a DNR for dad today.


Honestly, I think she's hoping he dies this weekend so she doesn't have to officially make the hospice decision. I don't blame her.


My 11th wedding anniversarry is tomorrow. I cancelled babysitting with my SIL. I'm just not up to going out.


I'm going to go be with dad all day on Sunday. If he's still here.

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I'm so sorry, Bethany. I kept thinking that because he is only 56, that he would have had a great chance at recovery, but my brother passed away at the same age, so I guess none of us can really predict what will happen. I kept praying for a miracle for your dad, though, and I guess now the best thing to pray for is that if he has to pass away, that it will be very peaceful and painless for him.


I wish I had some words of comfort for you, but I know that nothing anyone says can help right now.


I feel so sad for you and your family, and will pray for your strength, peace, and comfort. :(

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So sorry, Bethany. I know we all say that over and over - but really, it's true.


Wish I could give you a hug in real life. And pray with you.


:grouphug: again


:iagree: And I am sending many, many:grouphug:'s as well. I wish I could be there in person to help you out, but I am with you in love and spirit. :grouphug:

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