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Bad Christian...

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I try to be a good Christian woman. I promise I do. I try not to be petty and/or vindictive and/or vengeful.




We were renters for 10 years with the same property management company. We rented one home for 5+ years and the other for 4+ years. We were *never* late with rent, kept the properties clean and neat and in good repair and kept up with yard work. You can count on one hand the number of times we called needing them to come out and take care of something. Dh generally handled whatever came up. In the 2nd home, we even got permission to upgrade the range and fridge at our own expense as the ones in there were between 15 & 20 years old!


Long story short - the owner of the company told us in mid-February that the owners wanted to sell and offered us the house for about $15,000-$20,000 *over* market value with NO work done on it. :glare: Dh declined and we were out by the end of March. We left the range and fridge and tried multiple times to find out exactly what they wanted us to do. They ignored all attempts we made at correspondence. We left the house clean and in about as good of condition as when we bought it.


Two weeks later they sent us a preliminary report showing we owed the $1000 deposit PLUS an additional $2750!! :001_huh: Dh wrote them with a line by line dispute of the bogus charges. We never received a reply.


On June 1st, they put the house on the market for $280,000!!! :lol: You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! About 7 weeks later, it was dropped to $250,000. ::duh:: Still too high... :glare: And then we received a bill (3 months AFTER the preliminary report) for $775. Dh sent a check for $575 and refused to pay for garage and ceiling fan remotes that we left IN THE HOUSE!!! (We figured it was easier and more stress free to just send the money rather than fight. Mil was glad to pay it for us to get us finally 100% free of the whole mess. God bless her!!!!!)


On September 1st, the house was put up for RENT!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Sorry, but that just made my day!!!! (See, bad Christian!!! :D )

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Seriously funny. I cannot believe they thought it was worth that.


And not that it was a bad house. But, I live just the next town over and our market is awful.


The one we bought is bigger and better construction, yes? Nicer building materials used, too. And they wanted us to pay for *that* house what we paid for this one!! :lol:

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All of what they charged you was legal?


I have the impression that property managers are bulldogs and want to prove they are worth their fee--but at the expense of the renters.


Poetic justice, definitely. I'm only surprised they didn't contact you at some point and ask if you'd like to accept their new, lower offer.:lol:

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