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I need menu ideas for a family dinner, veg and GF friendly...

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I need some menu ideas for a family dinner I'll be hosting in a few weeks. There will be about 10 people present, including my dh & kids.


One person is vegetarian (dairy & eggs are fine), and one (my kid) is gluten-free. It is not an issue if gluten is present at the meal -- for example, my GF kid gets GF bread and everyone else gets regular bread.


I could make vegetarian GF lasagna, but I've done that a few times before and would like to make something different. Food that is relatively easy to prepare or that can be partially made ahead would be a huge bonus.


I know the Hive will have some great ideas -- so give 'em to me, please!

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I have never done this... can you help me visualize how it would be set up? And what components (ingredients?) would be best to include?


Taco Bar is really a great way to accomodate both carnivores and veggie-eaters. There is usually something for everyone: shredded beef or chicken or ground beef with taco seasoning, vegetarian refried beans (my favorite kind!), black beans, shredded cheese and lettuce, diced veggies like onions, tomatos and peppers, rice. You can easily find corn tortillas that are gluten-free.


Corn muffins (also good gluten free) make a good side for this as well.


ETA: DD says you should add a pot of vegitarian chili too because it goes great with tacos and corn muffins!

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