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Scheduling Ellen McHenry's Chemistry?

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We are planning to do both The Elements and Carbon Chemistry this year for my 13 yo ds. I am looking over the book, which we finally got yesterday, but there isn't a schedule or what looks like a natural break for each day. So, I'm trying to figure out how to schedule this...it looks like only a little bit of reading and then a lot of activities. I'm thinking maybe 3 days/week and working on each chapter about 4 days...maybe 1 day reading and the other three for all of the activities, games, and experiments (the first book has 8 chapters and the second has 11)? Would those of you who have used this mind sharing what worked for you? I must be too tired to concentrate, LOL, but I just haven't been able to think it through.



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We are starting ch 4 of The Elements this week. I don't have a schedule, but rather spend about 30-45 min 3x/week for reading, discussing, and doing the written activities. However, some of the activities/games take substantially more time than that - memorizing the entire periodic table being one of them :blink: , and we replay quite a few of the games with my older boy. We are likely to finish by christmas and then switch to the Organic Chem.


Be warned that you do need to print onto card all the pages with game pieces, and then it does take a bit of time to cut them all out! (probably 2 hours).


Ruth in NZ

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We are doing Elements and spending about 45-60 minutes twice weekly which really just isn't enough. I'd say 3 days would be better. And if you have the time to play the games multiple times (which of course is going to help them retain info better), 4 days would really be great.

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