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If my son enjoys Agatha Christie mysteries...

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...what else might he enjoy reading or listening to on audiobook? He's 13, grade 8, and not the most avid reader, but when he finds something he likes, he sticks with it. For eg, when he was younger, he adored the Warriors series about cats, but he doesn't in general care much for fantasy, although we certainly read aloud a ton of it when he and his brothers were younger. A freind gave him the first book in the "Ranger's Apprentice" series for his birthday months ago but he still hasn't cracked the cover. I'm wondering what other mystery series (or other series) might be "safe" (in terms of adult content) for him to read. Any suggestions?

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My dd14 likes Anna Katharine Green free on the kindle. I read someplace that Agatha Christie was a fan and Miss Marple came from her Mrs. Butterworth. I have read a few. They were more innocent then Christie IMO.


DS12 really likes Artemis Fowl books and Rick Riordian. He also enjoyed the Ranger series so maybe not the most helpful. Eragon series is also a hit with him--halfway through.

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Older DS has loved mysteries from an early age. Some safe titles he has enjoyed over the years:


Pre-Teen/Young Teen (gr. 5-8):

- The Westing Game (Raskin)

- Samurai mysteries (Hoobler)

- Baker Street Irregular; Case of the Vanishing Corpse; Curse of the Threatened King (Newman)

- Detectives in Togas; Roman Ransom (Winterfeld)


Mini-Mystery Collections:

- anything by Hy Conrad

- Little Giant Book of Whodunits (Conrad)

- Whodunit: You Decide! (Conrad)

- Almost Perfect Crimes (Conrad)

- Historical Whodunit (Conrad)

- You Be the Jury series (Miller)

- Solv-A-Crime (Singer/Gordon)

- Case Closed, and others by Obrist -- these are for younger readers

- Dr. Quicksolve series -- Sukach -- these are for younger readers

- Classic Whodunits: More Than 100 Mysteries For You to Solve (Bullimore, Conrad, Niederman, Smith)

- Two Minute Mysteries; More Two Minute Mysteries; Still More Two Minute Mysteries (Sobol)

- 5 Minute Mystery series (Weber)



- Sherlock Holmes short stories (Doyle)

- The Complete Father Brown short stories (Chesterton)

- Club of Queer Trades (Chesterton) -- amusing send-up of Sherlock Holmes; may be more appreciated in a few years

- Hercule Poirot's Casebook short story collection (Christie)

- And Then There Were None (Christie)

- Murder on the Orient Express (Christie)

- Mousetrap (play) (Christie)

- Wodehouse on Crime (Wodehouse) -- very fun; may be more appreciated in a few years


Other Adult Mysteries:

- Bernie and Chet mysteries (Quinn) -- clever: told from the dog's point of view; some language; intimacy is suggested

- Nero Wolfe series (Stout) -- this is an old series

- The Cat Who... series (Braun) -- mysteries; I read the first one; light; pretty clean; don't know if the series stays clean

- Casey Miller series (Prophet) -- no personal experience; the person who recommended said it was okay for teens

- Archy McNally series (Sanders) -- no personal experience; the person who recommended said it was okay for teens



Maybe wait on these:

- Cadfael novel series (Peters)

- The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series (Smith)

- Miss Seeton Draws the Line; Picture Miss Seeton; Witch Miss Seeton; Miss Seeton Sings; Odds on Miss Seeton (Carvic) -- some adult themes mentioned, but very tastefully handled; these are the only 5 by Carvic and are very well-written, with humor and terrific allusions and vocabulary



Younger DS who loved the Warriors series when he was young has enjoyed:

- All Creatures Great and Small series (Herriot)

- Artemis Fowl series (Colfer) -- pretty fun

- Harry Potter series (Rowling) -- pretty fun

- Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (Riordan) -- I liked these more than Harry Potter

- Ranger Apprentice series (about the first 5-6 books) -- I found these to be only mediocre in writing and extremely repetitive, but then, I'm not a 12yo boy who desperately would love to be in Medieval times as an orphan with ninja skills and awesome archery skills... :tongue_smilie:

- His Majesty's Dragon series (Novik) -- fluff/popcorn reading; Napoleonic Wars but with a corps of dragons and dragonriders; I read the first one, and part of the second one; warning: may want to wait -- occasional language and mild reference to extra-marital activities

- Eragon series (Paollini) -- I couldn't get into it after the first book, the first half of which felt like it was written as "fan-fiction" of Lord of the Rings by a 15yo boy -- which is what it was; I believe in the last 3 books of the 4 book series there is occasional language; violence; and mild reference to intimacy



Other young teen boy recommendations I've compiled, but without personal experience:

- Midshipman Quinn series (Styles) -- 1800s British seaman

- Alex Rider series (Horowitz) -- modern teen "James Bond" like character

- Mrs. Pollifax series (Gilman) -- retired lady applies to become a spy; I read the first one, it was fun/light



Individual Titles:

- Bun Hur (Wallace)

- Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (Lansing)

- The Princess Bride (Golding)

- The Sword in the Stone (White)

- books by Bock & Bodie Thoene

- Guns of Navarone (MacLean)

- Up Periscope (White)

- Farmer Giles of Ham (Tolkien)

- A Short History of Everything (Bryson)

- Out of the Silent Planet (Lewis)

- I, Robot (Asimov)

- Martian Chronicles (Bradbury)

- Something Wicked This Way Comes (Bradbury)



Recommendations from Nan in MASS (her DSs like sea-faring works):

- Dove -- teen sails around the world alone

- Captain Blood

- Coral Island

- Captains Courageous (Kipling)

- Lone Voyager (Garland)

- The Hungry Ocean (Greenlaw)

- Sea Wolf (London)

- Cleared for Action (Meader)

- Bolitho series (Kent)

Edited by Lori D.
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If he likes Agatha Christie novels he might enjoy the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy Sayers. They totally rock. A couple of my reviews about a few titles here and here.



And another contemporary series...

Donna Leon writes sort of an English murder mystery--with the setting in Venice! I love the way she gets behind the scene into the Inspector's Italian family.... there was even a scene describing him playing "italian" Monopoly with his teens! Yet it is a serious detective mystery series.

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