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S/O of TeA thread-SPD in pregnancy??

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I have it some, and mine seems to be caused by the tail bone being out of place, which pulls the pubic bones out of place. Totally weird, but TeA actually helped...i think all the moving around in that area put the tail bone back in place. When we were done I could roll over and get out of bed without pain!


Might be worth a try. I told him I should pay him instead of the chiropracter.

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I'm 33 weeks and struggling somewhat with SPD. I had it REALLY bad with baby #6. This time I keep it at bay with regular chiropractor visits and stretches. The key is to go to the chiropractor BEFORE you hurt and do the stretches every day.


FWIW - the baby that was the worst was also malpositioned. In hind sight I can see that her position contributed to my pain, and my lack of activity kept her in the wrong position. I can tell when this (current) baby turns the wrong way (posterior) I hurt more. When I do the cat stretches I can feel the baby rotate and the pressure is off the bone.


Sometimes I can feel my hips "click". IF I can feel that, it is time to go to the chiropractor and/or do my stretches. If I try to walk any distance (i.e. - thru the grocery store) and I feel that "click", I will pay for it later.


If I want to enjoy teA, I take a warm bath first and do my stretches. Also different positions help, but they are not as fun for me. :tongue_smilie:

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Well, I never found anything to ease the pain. I feel for you, it's so painful and annoying when you can't even roll over at night. Oh, and getting out of bed was the worst... I held my bladder all night long just so I did not have to get out of bed!


Tea time did not make the pain any worse for me. Didn't make it any better either. But tea was not painful/

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