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What to do with this Spanish Tutor situation??

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My ds has a teammate that needs financial help for team dues. He is 15 or 16 and is fluent/native in Spanish. He does not want a handout, but would be happy to work.


My dd13 is outsourced for Spanish. Her teacher uses Avancemos 3. This is a new teacher for us, and she gives tons of homework. I think my dd will be fine because she's pretty natural at learning languages, but I am wondering how I can incorporate ds's teammate as a tutor.


I doubt teammate has ever had any formal Spanish grammar instruction. Dd is probably far above him for that. But, I'm certain there can be value by hiring this boy....if I can figure out what they can do together. I don't think it would work to say, "Okay, just talk to each other in Spanish for the next hour." He could probably review her homework and find any obvious errors. I don't see that taking too long, though.


Any suggestions?

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The weakest link (I think) in language acquisition is conversation. We tend to pick up the grammar and the vocabulary and read it okay, but speaking it with a Native is priceless.


Just talking and listening (a big part of the Advanced Placement or Regents if you take those) are skills that would help your daughter do well.


Good luck.

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How educated is he? Does he speak standard Spanish? Does he know how to spell and where accents go?


IMO I would think the best use of time would be conversation for 30 minutes or so per time, but if he speaks mainly slang, I'm not sure how helpful it would be. Also, you're talking about teens of opposite genders here- how well do you know this boy?


Things to consider...

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Sorry all, I've been away from the boards. Thanks for your input.


Cathmom, I think you've expressed my concerns well. We live in an area with a high percentage of Mexicans. Most of the kids, while native speakers, incorporate a lot of slang/Spanglish in their speech.


I have more thinking to do on this one. Maybe we'll just stick with team fundraisers for now.

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