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friend new to hs, need curric. help

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My friend in NY is starting to hs her 9th grader. What curriculum can I point her to? My DC are younger so I have no clue for the older kids. They are non-religious.




I believe NY has more stringent rules about homeschooling, so the first thing to do would be find out if there are any particular subjects she needs to cover; if she needs an accredited diploma for her student either for high school graduation requirements, or entry into certain NY community colleges or universities. In which case it may be helpful to go with an accredited "umbrella" school or organization and use their suggested curriculae. VERY helpful to speak with local homeschoolers who are in the midst of homeschooling high school and who have successfully graduated students from homeschool high school; here, here, and here are lists of NY homeschool groups to find the one closest to your friend.


An easy transition to homeschooling from public school would be either going with an accredited organization that provides oversight of your student's academics and a transcript -- some provide curriculum as well; or using something similar to what was used in the public schools -- such as K-12; that way the family can focus on transitioning in the first year, rather than also struggling to figure out how to use new materials.



Subjects your friend will most likely need to have her 9th grader do:


English (grammar, writing, literature)


Science (with labs)

Social Studies

Foreign Language

(possibly: PE, or, Health, or, Fine Arts, or Elective)



If your friend does not want to go with an all-in-one ("boxed" curriculum) such as K-12, but wants to pick-and-choose individual programs, it would help to know:

- what kind of learner the student is (auditory, visual, hands-on)

- is the student gifted/advanced or struggling/learning disabilities/remedial in any areas

- how involved the parent can be (or do the programs need to be mostly independent of parent)

- how much in the way of teacher helps the parent will need

- does the parent want online class or video instruction options

- will the family want to include at some point in high school AP (advanced placement) or honors coursework/tests?

- student's interests or possible future career field (arts, science/tech, medical, etc.)

- what are the parents' goals for homeschooling this student (focus on family relationship; remediation of a struggling area; flexibility for involvement in sports or other activity; removal from bad social situation at school; student expressed desire to do so... etc.)



There are a few things that would be very helpful for your friend to think through now to help her plan, since she is starting at the high school level, which is not just about learning but also requires an additional layer of being your student's administrator and guidance counselor. While this is a Christian organization, this series of articles on homeschooling high school is very helpful in at least being aware of the different topics your friend will have to address at some point in the homeschooling high school journey. It would be helpful to check out a book on homeschooling high school from the library, as well -- not only are there recommendations for specific curriculae, but there are chapters on how to tackle each of these homeschooling high school topics.



Please extend an invitation to your friend to join WTM board, and ask her questions, a few at a time so she doesn't feel overwhelmed ;), and we'd be happy to help her get started on her homeschooling journey! I know there are several NY homeschoolers on this board who would be able to make great recommendations.


BEST of luck to your friend, and what a great friend you are to help her out! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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