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Suggest a cheap cell phone/plan please

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Dd will be 10yo in Dec and has been begging me to let her stay home alone. I wouldn't mind letting her stay while I pick up dh from work or to get a few groceries I need (both 30 min or less). However, we have been cell phone only for years. So if I take my phone with me, she has no way to call me or 911 in an emergency.


I was thinking about getting a Magic Jack phone for the house, but realized that some type of cell phone would be better because she could take it to her AHG events in case she needed to call me.


Is it better to add something she will rarely use to our plan or get her a prepaid phone? Which prepaid companies are the best? We have been iPhone users for so long, I have no idea where to start with other phones and plans. :confused:

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My dd14 has a Tracphone, and it has worked out well. She gets coverage (which is hard in our area), and I think you can pay as little as $5 a month to keep it going. I'm unsure on that, but I know it was less than $10. We bought minutes which last 3 months. She also rarely uses it.


To add her to our current plan, with a "dumb" phone would cost $30 a month. That is way to much for someone who doesn't use it.

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